Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Messing about with Flowers

What is it about new cameras and flowers?  We just can't seem to help ourselves. I have been mucking about with my new camera, keen eyed photographers will see I have been experimenting with depth of field. I still have so much to learn with the new camera, I think it will be an endless and ongoing learning curve but I am loving it! Experimentation is the best way, I have already gone on from all the automatic settings and am trying to get my head round F stops, light metering and ISO speeds!  Not to mention experimenting with different light, textures and composition.

Flowers are always such a pleasure, Belle Mere is visiting us at the moment and she arrived with an armful of Ranunculus in pink and white, she brought them all the way from Provence! 

Then yesterday whilst walking with Crusoe I spied some pretty wild flowers growing in a field, I hopped in and picked them before the local cows ate them, better in my house than in the cows tummies!

The weather here at the moment is pretty dire, very mixed and cold, I keep forgetting it is only April, March was beautiful and warm and confused everything, mostly me, I was working in the garden in a T shirt and shorts, now I am huddled up in wool, I am impatient for Summer and I am dying to get outside and experiment with some lovely spring shots, I have a photographic project in mind that I am keen to get started, it is on hold until the weather improves, I will keep you posted.


  1. Gorgeous ranunculus! They simply will not grow here and the florists don't carry them! I am tres jealous!

  2. Haha - we're on the same wavelength today! Beautiful pictures all of them but I think the pink ranunculus and the glass bottle beneath are a triumph!

  3. Beautiful shots! I love "messing" with flowers, making interesting arrangements and woodscapes and so, but have not mastered the art of taking such beautiful pictures.

  4. Depth of field. Ah, chére Dash, you have me there. I know that it is the next step that I have to try and tackle but I am horrible at math! Your post has given me hope in that I can just experiment until I understand it all. I love ALL of these photos. So very, very beautiful.

  5. HA! Did you see my post today? Totally all flowers all the time! Yours are pretty enough to eat! NOM NOM NOM !!!!!!

  6. Dash, every shot here is gorgeous!!! I understand 'depth of field' - what I don't understand is how you got that first amazing photo. It seems like an arbitrary, illogical, but none the less, magical example of 'depth of field'. Whatever you did, it's wonderful!

  7. HI Dash, Lucky you a new camera. How thrilling and I adore your pics of the flowers. Flowers are so inspiring for us photographers, sometimes it is hard to believe that nature is so perfect, generous and beautiful. Keeping shooting.. Carla xxx

  8. Hi Dash! What camera did you buy? I am about to get a new one and I am driving everybody nuts asking what they have and if they would recommend it. Looks like you love yours.

  9. The flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for making my day happier.

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